About Us

When all you need is a little break away …This is where you need to be

Looking back on the past seven years since the inception of Jubel n Juig, it is heart warming how this quaint unit has attracted so many guests and touched so many lives. With the years my garden has grown and blended well with the natural beauty of the west coast. During my period of stay, Kersbos Strand has found favour in many a person’s choice of investing into this area. And, why should it not be? It is peaceful, it is beautiful, it is a good investment.

Jubel n Juig is merely 200m from the beach. You have a flat beach, you have numerous jogging, cycling and bird watching opportunities.  Although I am not sea facing, the rush of the sea is continually in your ears.  

When you visit, you might sight my two feline companions, Dogtertjiekat – long haired and Asjas, the darker short haired.  They will welcome you from a distance and will keep watch.

Jubel n Juig still offers a very good deal to guests who are interested in tranquility and only wants to chill . The economy is not being very favourable to the self catering businesses.  Increasing costs and affordability to guests have been a balancing act.  Whatever the challenge we have, we have been able to offer good quality at an affordable tariff. My self-catering unit is an extension of my home and exudes the love I have for people and sharing with them, some of what I am privileged to regard as my own. barely 200m from the beach.

Since 2011 I have had the privilege of accommodating many strangers and they left as friends. I enjoy their presence and their company. Sharing God given peace is a privilege and a pleasure.  Here I offer you peace and quiet – a simplistic lifestyle.  Come and find your feet. Wherever we find ourselves, there is a reason for your being there. I find it encouraging that I am still here and await the surprises of each new year.

I have discovered talents that I am blessed with and never had time before to exploit.  See some of my work below. 

Come and recharge your batteries.  Take a breather… before you continue on your way forward.